By removing the focus knob, black plastic back, and fork mount from the optical tube assembly, a Wegat Optical adapter can be easily attached to any of the Meade ETX-125, ETX-105, and most ETX-90 telescopes.

ETX Plastic Back Removal

Here is just a handful of the many Meade ETX telescopes customized using the Wegat Optical ETX-125 and ETX-90 Accessory Adapters.

ETX-125 OTA with Rings
ETX-90 with Binocular Eyepieces (Jaehoon Park)
ETX-125TB OTA on Tripod with Camera Attached
EXT-125TB OTA Near Infrared Laser Beam Expander (BSC Optics)
ETX-125TB & ETX-90
ETX-125 with Dew Shield
Ken Dauzat Creation